Gifted Education School Network

Introduction of Objectives and Rationale

In the 2022-2023 academic year, our school participated in the "School Network Program for Gifted Education" organized by the Curriculum Development Department of the Education Bureau. We engaged in professional exchanges with six secondary schools to promote and enhance the school-based affective education of the gifted. 

A lesson for all Form Two students with the theme of "Time Management" was designed. The activity aimed to cultivate students' values of effective time management and their willingness to plan their time in daily life. It also aimed to enhance learning efficiency and cultivate good habits by introducing the "Pomodoro Technique" in daily studies. The design of the activity also focused on assisting gifted students in maintaining concentration and reducing distractions from external stimuli.

This lesson consists of four parts:

  1. Pre-activity preview allowing students to choose videos of different levels according to their abilities.
  2. Games that stimulate higher-order thinking skills to illustrate the dilemma of different choices in real life.
  3. An activity to help students understand that life has limited time and that efficient time management can lead to the achievement of goals.
  4. Tiered worksheets to apply knowledge and accommodate learning differences.

The presentation slides, lesson plan and related teaching and learning resources can be downloaded from the Education Bureau's website. Link

In the activity of "Life Crossroads," students make choices in dilemmas and share their experiences.
"Life FAST FORWARD" helps students realize the value of time.
Teachers from other schools visited our school's gifted education facilities after the class visit.
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