• To impart biblical values, truth and wisdom to students so that they can learn to do good deeds in honour of God.
  • To create a positive learning environment where students love and respect one another through spreading God's Word.
  • To develop partnerships with particular SKH churches to share the missionary task with students, teachers and parents as well as providing them spiritual support and activities.


  • Services
    Opening Ceremony(9/2023)
    Christmas Services(12/2023)
    Easter Services(3/2024)
    Year-end Ceremony(7/2024)
  • Cell Groups & Fellowship
    Cell Groups(Twice a month)
    Fellowship ( Every Saturday in St. Matthias Church )
    Christian Band Training ( Every Thursday )
  • Evangelical Meetings
    Gospel Week(11/2023)
    Gospel Day(6/2024)
  • Prayer Meetings
    Daily Prayer Meetings for students
    Prayer Meetings for S.6 classes(12/23)
  • Retreat
    Half-day retreat for staff(8/2023)
    Half-day retreat for Religious Committee members ( 6/2024 )
  • Partnership Programmes
    Cultivating Peace ( 10/2023 - 5/2024 )
    Pathway of Growth ( 11/2023 - 5/2024)
    Alpha Parenting Course ( 10/2023 - 11/2023 )
    Service in “United Court” ( 12/2023 - 7/2024 )
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