1. Help students understand the meaning of life planning and start the plan
  2. Help cultivate students' abilities in making appropriate value judgment and decisions so that they can make suitable choices when facing different careers paths.
  3. Help establish students' job ethics so that they can work enthusiastically and appreciate ethical behavior.
  4. Help students understand individual differences and enhance their abilities in handling changes.


  1. Broaden students' knowledge about the world of jobs and multiple study pathways so that they can set their study goals.
  2. Provide students with the latest information about study and jobs to let them aware of different opportunities to further study and work.
  3. Help students to be aware of their own personalities, strengths, abilities and interest so as to start their careers planning.
  4. Encourage and help students to collect and keep in touch with the latest information about study and jobs through different ways.


  • Provide students with support needed for healthy growth so that they can establish study goals and develop an active learning attitude.
  • Life planning education should be carried out throughout the whole school so that the curriculum and education can be carried out effectively and systematically. It aims to help students acquire related knowledge, skills and attitudes that help them match their own interests, abilities and directions with suitable career options. At the same time, they will be encouraged to relate their career aspirations to whole person development and life-long learning. 

Plan and Activities


  • S1 Career and life development lessons


  • S2 Career and life development lessons


  • Self-directed Search Career Interest Assessment
  • Sim Journey for learning making wise decision
  • Talk on subject choices
  • Prepare NSS workshop
  • Group and individual careers counselling
  • Parents’ talk
  • Workplace visit and experience


  • S4 career and life development lessons
  • Visits to workplaces and training
  • Summer Internship Scheme


  • Visits to tertiary institutes
  • Interview training workshop
  • JUPAS Preparation
  • Career and Life Mentorship Scheme


  • S6 group and individual careers counselling
  • Workshop on JUPAS application and strategies for making subject choices
  • Multi-pathway morning assembly
  • JUPAS school principal’s recommendation
  • Preparing testimonials for graduates
  • Degree and sub-degree programmes’ introduction
  • Introduction to industries
  • S6 Mock DSE results release and interview workshop
  • Joint school interview workshop
  • A talk on multiple pathways after the release of DSE results
  • S6 career and life planning website
  • HKDSE results release counselling 


  • Resource school for the CLAP@JC Hong Kong Benchmarks for Career and Life Development
  • Career prefect team
  • Recommending students to join work experience schemes
  • Career and life planning room
  • Career week
  • Joint School Career and Life Planning Activities
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