• Response to the objectives set in the 3-year development plan:
    • Sharpen self-learning and note-taking skills to improve learning efficiency
    • Optimize use of students’ self-evaluation, peer evaluation and teachers’ feedback, so students can learn from their experience and enhance self-learning effectiveness
    • Provide more opportunities for students to have activities across curriculum


  • Effective Note-taking Tips: Before, During & After Class
  • Effort checklist
  • Gifted Academy 2.0
  • Analysis of students’ academic results
  • Offer opportunities to improve / maximize student achievement
  • Bonus marks implemented in formal assessments
  • Support “Culture and Creative Arts Group” to organize, promote and review Culture and Creative Arts related activities
  • Support “STEAM Group” to organize, promote and review STEAM activities
  • Support “National Security Education Curriculum Group” to organize, promote and review National Security Education Curriculum-related activities
  • Support for senior academically gifted students
  • Form collaborative learning groups, conduct lesson research, and develop a balanced subject-based curriculum
  • Good Mentor Scheme
  • Dream-seeker Scheme
  • Gifted Educational Tour
  • Gifted Talent Pool
  • Off-site Gifted Support Provided by Tertiary Institutes and the Community
  • Promotion of Positive Education
  • Overseas Exchange Programmes for gifted students
  • Diversity Learning Days
  • Promotion of E-learning – Creativity and Multimedia in Education
  • School Decoration promoting students’ achievements
  • P.6 Orientation Day
  • S.1 Bridging Program
  • Support for the School’s E-learning development
  • Coordination of applications for the Applied Learning Programme and other languages
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