Positive Learning Scheme

We hope our students can improve their confidence through positive learning and then ultimately increase their learning effectiveness, and find happiness in the learning process. In the classroom, we make good use of group study, self-assessment, peer assessment and teacher feedback to strengthen students’ shared experience, and enhance the effectiveness of self-directed learning; outside the classroom, we strengthen students' growth mindset through different activities.

Learning to learn handbook

  • A ‘Learning to learn’ handbook is introduced in S1 to cultivate a growth mindset, time management skills and positive values systematically.

S1 Adventure Day

  • To echo the ‘Positive Education’ promoted by the Diocese of West Kowloon Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, we organize this Adventure Day Camp for all S1 students. It is hoped that this unique experience will nurture a growth mindset and strengthen their resilience. We hope our students believe that they can change, grow, embrace the challenges, and keep learning successfully.  At the same time, it is a valuable opportunity for our students to develop their collaboration skills, leadership and interpersonal skills.

    The adventure program provides a safe ground for students to fail, and learn from their mistakes.

    No complaints, only laughers.
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