In the 21st century, biotechnology is one of the technologies which have the greatest developing potential especially after the invention of DNA recombinant technology. In the age of knowledge and economic development, biotechnology is not only the source of innovative ideas, but also the locomotive of economic growth. Nowadays, a lot of countries use most of their efforts to provoke researches on biotechnology hoping that they will become one of the leading countries in this area.

In order to let student catch up with the pace of development and well-equipped themselves to face the above changes, our school has already carried out a “Biotechnology Education Project”.


The aim of the project is to enable students to understand the basics of biotechnology, especially recombinant DNA technology, through different experiments, projects and learning activities. Furthermore, the project allows the students to have a deep insight of the modern biotechnological development and initiate student’s innovative ideas, so as to prepare themselves to face the challenges brought about by biotechnology.

Laboratory Activities

Plant Tissue Culture

DNA extraction

Bacterial Transformation

Cheese Making

GM food Identification

Human VNTR Study

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