• To provide support for student growth and foster a loving and caring environment
  • To unearth student potential
  • To offer help to special education needs students
  • To nurture students to be enthusiastic, responsible, optimistic and confident
  • To strengthen team spirit of the section in order to provide guidance for students effectively

Areas of work

There are four main concerns of the section:

1. Discipline and Counselling Team

2. School Prefects

3. Peer Coaching Scheme

4. Preventive Education Team


1. Discipline and Counselling Team


Period of implementation

Forms involved

Approval of merits


All forms

Approval of conduct prizes


All forms

Personal and group consultation

Whole academic year

All forms


2. School Prefects

Strategies and activities:



Hosting morning assemblies

-Through interacting with other students, prefects can enhance their quality of being a leader and their communication skills.

Workshops for prefects

-Through sharing experiences of being a prefect, students learn to become more considerate and positive in facing problems.

Training camps

-Through training camps, the team spirit of prefects is boosted. There will be more mutual understanding between prefects and they will have more confidence in others.


3. Peer Coaching Scheme

Strategies and activities:



Student mentor training workshop

(1) Junior Forms Learning Support: S3 and S4 student mentors receive training at lunch break on alternate Day 6. Training includes classroom management, lesson preparation and leadership development, etc.

(2) S1 Bridging Program: School social worker organizes training programmes for S5 student mentors in order to prepare activities for S1 students.

Team leaders training of “Junior Forms Learning Support”

Team leaders are selected to receive training so as to help his/her team members to implement duties with quality and efficiency.

Junior group leaders training

Cooperative learning is carried out in S1 and S2 Students are divided into learning groups. Each group has two group leaders. Training workshops are provided for group leaders to develop their leadership potentials.


4. Preventive Education Team




Sex education

Sex education workshops and talks are organised to let students acquire knowledge about sex and instill correct concepts of sex into them.

Media and Information Literacy

It is hoped that students can improve self-management skills, cultivate a positive / healthy self-image and have a better understanding of career planning through talks and App Design workshops.

Mental health education


By strengthening students’ resilience and showing care for disadvantaged groups through training workshops, seminars, adventure activities and voluntary services, a positive environment at school can be promoted.

Positive education

By organizing Thanksgiving week and exchanging gratitude cards among students, growth mindset and positive environment at school can be promoted. 

Cross-border students Supporting Scheme

(Pandemic period)

It is hoped that the communication, social and self-management skills of cross-border students could be re-established and a support network could be built among these students through the Scheme.

Preventive drug education

Talks are organised to let students know the harms of drugs and stay away from drugs.

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